What Jesus teaches about Friendship


Friendship is a beautiful gift from God, given to us to share love, joy, and companionship. Think about your closest friends and how they add richness to your life. Jesus, our perfect example, modeled the essence of true friendship throughout His life. He showed us the importance of loyalty, selflessness, and love. In this devotional, we will explore what Jesus teaches about friendship and how we can apply His teachings in our own lives.

Wouldn’t you love to have friends who are there through thick and thin, who uplift and encourage you? Jesus calls us to be that kind of friend. As we dive into the Bible and unpack His teachings on friendship, let’s open our hearts to what He has in store for us. You may discover new ways to deepen your existing friendships and cultivate new, meaningful relationships.

Bible Verse

John 15:13 (NIV) – "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."


This powerful verse from the book of John captures the essence of Jesus’ teaching on friendship. Jesus emphasizes that the greatest act of love is to lay down one’s life for a friend. While this can mean literally giving up your life, it also encompasses acts of selflessness in everyday situations.

Jesus led by example, showing us what true friendship looks like. He was loyal, non-judgmental, and supportive. Even in the face of betrayal and denial, Jesus offered forgiveness and love. His ultimate sacrifice on the cross is the highest demonstration of His love for us, His friends.

When we think about the friends in our lives, how often do we show this level of selflessness and love? Friendship isn’t just about what we can get from others but what we can give. True friendship, according to Jesus, involves mutual sacrifice and dedication. As we reflect on this, let’s strive to love our friends as deeply and selflessly as Jesus loves us.

Actions to Take

  • Show Selflessness: Put your friends’ needs ahead of your own without expecting anything in return.

  • Offer Forgiveness: Just as Jesus forgave us, be quick to forgive your friends when they falter.

  • Be Present: Spend quality time with your friends, offering them your undivided attention and support.

  • Encourage and Uplift: Speak words of encouragement and uplift your friends, especially during challenging times.

  • Pray for Your Friends: Regularly lift your friends up in prayer, asking God to bless and guide them.

Journal Prompts

  • How have you experienced Jesus’ love through your friendships?

  • In what ways can you show greater selflessness towards your friends?

  • Reflect on a time you forgave a friend or were forgiven. How did it impact your relationship?

  • What specific qualities do you admire in your closest friends? How can you cultivate those qualities in yourself?

  • How can you be more present and intentional in your friendships this week?


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for being the perfect example of a true friend. Help me to embody Your selfless love and loyalty in my own friendships. Give me the strength to put others’ needs before my own and to offer forgiveness freely. Guide me to be present and intentional, and to uplift and encourage my friends in their times of need. Help my heart to reflect Your love, so that through my actions, others may see You. Amen.

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  • "Forgiveness isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Forgive your friends as Jesus forgave you. #Forgiveness #LoveLikeJesus"

  • "Quality time is one of the best gifts you can give to your friends. Be present. #BeThere #FriendshipsMatter"

  • "Uplift and encourage your friends daily. You never know who needs that extra bit of love and support. #Encouragement #Positivity"


Friendship is a divine gift that enriches our lives and reflects God’s love in a tangible way. Jesus provides the ultimate example of what it means to be a true friend: selfless, loyal, and loving. As we strive to follow His teachings on friendship, let’s commit to showing deeper love, offering forgiveness, and being fully present for our friends.

Thank you for joining us in this devotional journey. We encourage you to continue your Bible study with us at BGodInspired.com, where we explore more ways to live a life inspired by His word. Your friendships will be positively transformed by following the teachings of Jesus, and you will be a shining light to those around you. Keep loving, keep giving, and keep being the kind of friend Jesus calls you to be.

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