Short Devotional about Breaking habit of being yourself


Often, we find ourselves trapped in the same circle of thoughts, behaviours, and habits, almost as if we’re living someone else’s life. We long to break the chains of our old selves, yearn to create fresh perspectives and new reflections.

This devotional is a gentle invitation for you to step out of this repetitive orbit. It is an encouragement to break away from the habit of consistently being ‘your old self’. Embrace the challenge to start this journey, with God’s word being your everlasting light.

Bible Verse

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”


The Bible verse, 2 Corinthians 5:17, offers a profound insight into this life-altering shift. Within the lines of this verse, lies the wonderful promise that as believers in Christ, we are indeed new creations. This is not about a mere reform or change in habits. It signifies a transformation at the fundamental level.

As new creations, we don’t have to be defined by the past, by our actions, by our habits. Once we’re in Christ, our past is eradicated in favour of a new beginning. This is not about improvement or modification, it is about true spiritual regeneration, a total renewal of our selves through Christ.

Actions to Take

  1. Choose a habit you want to break free from and deliberately replace it with a wholesome practice.
  2. Pray daily asking God to help you let go of the old and embrace the new.
  3. Acknowledge your transformation in Christ and make a conscious effort to live in this reality.
  4. Seek guidance through scripture, as it often guides us with insightful wisdom.

Journal Prompts

  1. In what areas of my life do I feel stuck or repetitive?
  2. What new creation in Christ do I aspire to become?
  3. How can I habitually remind myself of my new identity in Christ?


Lord, help me remember that in You, I am a new creation. Help me break free from old habits that aren’t serving my transformation. Provide me strength, wisdom, and grace to embrace my new identity in Christ. May I live in the light of Your love and let it guide me through the journey of self-transformation. Thank you for the promise of a new life in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  2. “When God transforms you, it’s not a renovation, it’s a rebirth. #transformation #newinChrist”
  3. “Remember, in Christ, you are not just improved, you are new. #BGodInspired #newcreation”


Growth is about embracing change and forging a better pathway. It is about deviating from the old, and stepping into the new. By being in Christ, you are already a new creation. The old no longer defines you, the chains have been broken. It’s now your journey to live this transformation.

Remember, with God’s Word as your guide, this journey becomes seamless and fulfilling. Continue with us on this spiritual journey of breakthrough and transformation at You are not alone in this journey of becoming, we are with you, and so is God.

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Q&A about Breaking habit of being yourself

Question: What is the central theme of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’?

Answer: The central theme of ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ is that individuals have the power to transform their lives. It emphasizes that we are not doomed by our genes, nor hard-wired to be a certain way for the rest of our lives, but rather that our minds can reprogram our beings and create realities that align with our aspirations.

Question: Can you explain the steps outlined by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book to break the habit of being yourself?

Answer: The book outlines three basic steps to break the habit of being yourself:
1. Understand What You Want: Visualize what you want clearly, focus on it and understand it thoroughly. This brings about clarity which is needed in the brain-mapping process.
2. Examine Your Thoughts: Pay close attention to your thoughts. Recognize and challenge these thoughts instead of accepting them blindly.
3. Meditate: Practice meditation to detach yourself from your current self and garner control over your thoughts and emotions. It aids in linking your mind and body and assists in personal transformation.

Question: Does Dr. Joe Dispenza believe that meditation can help change our habits?

Answer: Yes, Dr. Joe Dispenza emphasises on the power of meditation in breaking our habitual patterns. He explains that meditation is a tool that we can use to bridge the gap between our current and desired realities. By disconnecting from the world and resetting our minds, we can reprogram our thoughts, change our perceptions, and subsequently break the habit of being ourselves.

Question: What does Dr.Joe Dispenza mean by “breaking the habit of being yourself”?

Answer: By “breaking the habit of being yourself”, Dispenza means to transcend beyond our preconditioned thoughts, behaviours, and emotional patterns. He suggests that we frequently limit ourselves by maintaining a rigid identity, based on past experiences and societal influences. He encourages us to challenge these habitual patterns, gain control over our thoughts and actions, and create a new self that is truly aligned with our desired goals and potential.

Question: How does Dr. Joe Dispenza explain the concept of ‘rewiring your brain’ in ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’?

Answer: Dr. Dispenza explains the concept of ‘rewiring your brain’ as the ability to create new neural pathways to reflect altered thinking or new habits. He suggests that by consistently practicing new ways of thinking and behaving, our brain can reorganize itself by forming new neural connections, leading to transformation in our self-perceptions and ultimately reality.

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