What Jesus teaches about Perseverance


Perseverance is not mere stubbornness; it is mirrored profoundly in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, we are called to mirror His tenacity and resolve in our own walks of faith. Sustained by His grace, we learn that perseverance is not an innate quality, but rather, a value that we foster through His teachings. If you’ve ever wrestled with challenges and uncertainties, wondering how to keep up your faith in trying times, take heart. This devotion will uncover what Jesus teaches us about perseverance, illuminating how we can cultivate this value in our own hearts.

Bible Verse

James 1:12 – “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.”


Our selected Bible verse gives us a clear depiction of Jesus’s teachings on perseverance. James, the brother of Jesus, teaches that blessedness comes not just from enduring hardship, but remaining steadfast with unwavering faith. Herein lies the essence of godly perseverance – it is not about enduring tribulations begrudgingly, but about faithfully standing firm with an understanding that God is working through our hardships.

Jesus was the epitome of perseverance, especially throughout His Passion and crucifixion. Though His suffering was immense, He ‘ran the race set before Him’ (Hebrews 12:1) with the promise of victory over sin and death. Thus, the crown of life stands as a symbol of God’s promise of eternal love and life to those willing to persevere, following Jesus’s example.

Actions to Take

  1. Look closely at any trials or tribulations in your life and see them as opportunities for increased reliance on God.
  2. Memorize Bible verses about perseverance. These will serve as reminders and encouragement in times of hardship.
  3. Lead a Bible study group on the theme of perseverance.
  4. Reach out for strength and support in a spiritual community when encouraging perseverance in one’s journey of faith.
  5. Read devotionals and books about famous Christians who demonstrated steadfast faith and perseverance throughout their lives.

Journal Prompts

  1. In what specific ways can I exemplify perseverance in my current situation?
  2. How often do I depend on God’s strength instead of my own in times of adversity?
  3. What does the ‘crown of life’ mean to me personally?
  4. Have I seen growth or change in myself through times of trial?
  5. What Scriptures remind me of Jesus’ perseverance? How do they encourage me?


Dear Lord, thank You for Your teachings on perseverance. I ask for Your strength and grace to remain steadfast in times of trial. Help me to remember that true perseverance comes from a heart rooted in You and not my own might. As I journey through life, let me constantly remember Your promise of the crown of life towards those that persevere faithfully in love. Amen.

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In cultivating perseverance, we express our faith in Jesus and echo the teachings He imbued during His time on earth. As we journey through life, we are constantly learning and applying these teachings. Perseverance is just one of the many Christ-like attributes we ought to aspire to embody. Like every other aspect of our journey with Christ, it’s an ongoing process. Keep seeking His face, lean on His strength, and rest in His promises.

Join us as we continue our exploration in other key lessons Christ taught us here at BGodInspired.com!

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