What Jesus teaches about Happiness


Are you searching for true happiness in a world that often feels chaotic and overwhelming? The good news is that Jesus offers us timeless wisdom that can guide us to a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment. Through His teachings, we can uncover the keys to a life filled with genuine happiness that isn’t dependent on external circumstances but flows from a heart transformed by His love.

Join us as we explore what Jesus has to say about happiness. You might be surprised to discover that His path to joy is available to each one of us today, bringing lasting peace and contentment to our lives.

Bible Verse

Matthew 5:6 (NIV): "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."


In this verse, Jesus is teaching us that true happiness, or being "blessed," comes from a deep desire for righteousness. This isn’t about achieving perfection through our own efforts but rather seeking a life aligned with God’s will. When we hunger and thirst for righteousness, we are essentially craving a deeper relationship with God.

This kind of spiritual hunger leads us to make choices in line with God’s commandments, to prioritize His kingdom, and to seek His guidance in all aspects of our lives. The result is a fulfillment that goes beyond temporary pleasures, providing us with lasting joy and peace.

Jesus emphasizes that those who earnestly seek righteousness are promised to be filled. This indicates that God acknowledges our efforts and desires to satisfy our spiritual cravings, filling our lives with happiness that transcends worldly conditions.

Actions to Take

  1. Seek God’s Will: Begin your day with a prayer asking for God’s guidance in your decisions and actions.

  2. Prioritize Righteousness: Make choices that reflect God’s commandments and seek to live a life that honors Him.

  3. Engage in Spiritual Practices: Spend daily time in prayer, Bible study, and worship to cultivate a closer relationship with God.

  4. Serve Others: Look for opportunities to serve those around you. Acts of kindness and service often bring internal joy and peace.

  5. Reflect and Repent: Regularly examine your actions and attitudes, asking for God’s forgiveness and strength to improve.

Journal Prompts

  1. What does it mean to you to "hunger and thirst for righteousness"?

  2. Can you identify a time in your life when seeking God brought you true happiness?

  3. What areas in your life need more alignment with God’s will?

  4. How do you feel after spending time in prayer or Bible study?

  5. List three ways you can serve others this week and bring joy to them and yourself.


Dear Lord,

I come before You with a heart that longs to be filled with Your righteousness. Guide my steps so that I may seek Your will in all areas of my life. Help me to prioritize Your kingdom and to find true happiness in aligning my actions with Your commandments. Fill me with the joy and peace that only You can provide. Thank You for Your unending love and grace.


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As we close this devotional, remember that true happiness isn’t found in fleeting pleasures but in a deep relationship with God. By seeking righteousness and aligning our lives with His will, we open the door to a joy and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Thank you for joining us in this exploration of Jesus’ teachings on happiness. We hope this devotional has inspired you to seek a deeper connection with God. Continue your journey with us at BGodInspired.com, where more encouraging and uplifting resources await you.

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