What Jesus teaches about Service


Have you ever experienced the pure joy that comes from serving someone else? When we serve others, we are not just helping them; we are also uplifting our own souls. Jesus taught us the profound importance of service, demonstrating it in His own life. Imagine a world where each of us took even the smallest steps to serve others daily—what a beautiful place it would be! Let’s dive into what Jesus teaches us about service and how we can incorporate these powerful lessons into our own lives to bring more joy and purpose to our everyday experiences.

The act of serving others is more than just a duty; it’s a heartfelt expression of love and compassion. Jesus, through His words and actions, has given us the perfect example of how to live a life dedicated to others. Let’s explore His teachings and find out how we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those around us, starting today.

Bible Verse

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." — Mark 10:45 (ESV)


In Mark 10:45, Jesus provides a powerful example of what it means to serve others selflessly. He did not come to Earth to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many. This verse encapsulates the essence of Christian service—humility, self-sacrifice, and love.

When Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, He was not simply performing a menial task; He was sending a profound message about the nature of true leadership and love. The humility He displayed in that act shows us that no task is too small or insignificant if it is done in the spirit of love. Serving others is not just about grand gestures; it’s about the simple, everyday acts that show compassion and kindness.

By serving others, we follow in Jesus’ footsteps. It’s a way to grow closer to Him and to reflect His love in a world that desperately needs it. Service shifts our focus from ourselves to others, freeing us from the chains of selfishness and opening our hearts to the beauty of selfless love.

Actions to Take

  1. Volunteer Your Time: Find a local organization or church where you can volunteer regularly.

  2. Perform Random Acts of Kindness: Simple things like writing a thank-you note, buying a meal for someone in need, or offering help to a neighbor can make a big difference.

  3. Pray for Others: Dedicate a portion of your prayer time each day to pray specifically for the needs of others.

  4. Serve in Your Church: Look for opportunities to serve within your local church community, whether it’s helping with events, teaching a class, or simply attending to the needs of others.

  5. Mentor Someone: Share your experiences and wisdom with someone who could benefit from your guidance.

Journal Prompts

  1. What are some small acts of service I can perform daily to reflect Jesus’ love?

  2. How do I feel when I serve others? How does serving impact my relationship with God?

  3. Who in my life could benefit from my help and how can I serve them this week?

  4. Reflect on a time when someone served you. How did that impact you, and how can you pay it forward?

  5. What obstacles prevent me from serving more, and how can I overcome them?


Dear Lord, Thank You for the amazing example of service You have given us through Your life and teachings. Help me to see the needs of others and to respond with a loving and humble heart. Inspire me each day to find ways to serve those around me, whether in large ways or small acts of kindness. May my actions reflect Your love and bring glory to Your name. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Serving others is a beautiful and fulfilling way to reflect Jesus’ love in our lives. By following His example, we not only help those around us but also draw closer to God. Each act of service, no matter how small, is a step toward a more compassionate and loving world.

Thank you for joining us in this short devotional. We encourage you to continue your journey with us at BGodInspired.com, where you’ll find more devotionals, insights, and practical ways to grow in your faith. Remember, a heart dedicated to service is a heart that reflects the love of Jesus. Let’s continue to make a difference together, one act of kindness at a time.

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