What Jesus teaches about Gratitude


Welcome, dear reader! Imagine waking up each day with a heart overflowing with gratitude. What would that feel like? Jesus teaches us that practicing gratitude can transform our lives, changing how we perceive our circumstances and interact with the world around us. Today, we’ll explore what Jesus has to say about gratitude and how it can lead to a more fulfilling and joyful life. Ready to dive in and discover the power of a thankful heart? Let’s start this journey together and uncover the blessings that await!

Bible Verse

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." – 1 Thessalonians 5:18


This powerful verse underscores the importance of gratitude in the life of a believer. Jesus teaches us to give thanks not just in moments of joy and abundance but in all circumstances. Why? Because a thankful heart aligns us with God’s will. Gratitude helps us see God’s hand at work, even in challenging situations, reminding us that He is with us and guiding us through every trial.

In the Gospels, Jesus frequently demonstrated and taught gratitude. Whether He was giving thanks before feeding the multitudes or expressing gratitude to His Father before raising Lazarus, Jesus used gratitude as an essential element of His ministry.

When we adopt a spirit of gratitude, we begin to see life’s difficulties as opportunities for growth and testimonies of God’s unfailing love and provision. It transforms our outlook from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance, continually reminding us that we serve a God who is good and faithful.

Actions to Take

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal: Each day, write down three things you are grateful for. This simple practice can shift your focus from what’s going wrong to what’s going right.

  2. Thank Others Often: Make it a habit to express your gratitude to those around you. A simple “thank you” can go a long way in brightening someone’s day and strengthening your relationships.

  3. Pray with Thanksgiving: When you pray, start with gratitude. Thank God for His blessings and faithfulness before bringing your needs and requests before Him.

  4. Serve Others: Acts of service are a practical way to express your gratitude. Serve in your community, church, or even among your circle of friends and family.

  5. Pause and Reflect: Throughout your day, take moments to pause and thank God for His presence and blessings, even in the midst of challenges.

Journal Prompts

  1. What are three specific things you are grateful for today?

  2. How has God shown His faithfulness to you in the past?

  3. In what ways can you express more gratitude in your daily life?

  4. Think of a challenging situation you’re currently facing. How can you find reasons to be grateful in this circumstance?

  5. Reflect on a time when expressing gratitude transformed your perspective or situation.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for your unwavering love and endless blessings. Help me to cultivate a heart of gratitude, regardless of my circumstances. Teach me to see your hand in every aspect of my life and to thank you continually. May my thankful heart be a testament to your goodness and a light to those around me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Cultivating a heart of gratitude isn’t just a suggestion from Jesus; it’s a transformative way of life that unlocks joy and fulfillment. By practicing gratitude daily, we align ourselves with God’s will and open our eyes to His constant provision and love. We hope this short devotional has inspired you to embrace gratitude in all circumstances.

Join us again at BGodInspired.com for more uplifting and insightful Bible studies that will enrich your faith walk. Let’s continue to grow together, one thankful step at a time.

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