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The Daughter of Jairus – Matthew 9:18


Imagine the fear and desperation of a father who is on the brink of losing his beloved child. Jairus, a synagogue leader, knew this pain all too well as he approached Jesus with a heart full of hope, pleading for a miracle. It’s incredible how our faith can push us toward miraculous events, just like it did for Jairus. Let’s dive into the beautiful tapestry of faith and divine intervention found in this story.

In our hectic lives, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fall into despair. But the story of Jairus and his daughter reminds us that, through unyielding faith, the impossible can suddenly become possible. Are you ready to explore this profound narrative and discover its meaning for your life today? Let’s journey together and find hope and inspiration through God’s word.

Bible Verse

"While he was saying this, a synagogue leader came and knelt before him and said, ‘My daughter has just died. But come and put your hand on her, and she will live.’" — Matthew 9:18


In this passage, we see a powerful symbol of faith and desperation converging. Jairus, a prominent synagogue leader, approaches Jesus with a plea that reflects both his status and his vulnerability. Despite his social standing, he humbles himself before Jesus, revealing that true faith transcends all societal boundaries.

Jesus’ immediate response to Jairus signifies the importance of faith in action. Jairus didn’t just believe; he went to Jesus, displaying a profound confidence in Jesus’ power to heal and restore life. This act of faith was not only about seeking a miracle but also about demonstrating trust in Christ above all else.

This story teaches us that faith requires action. It’s not enough to simply believe in God’s power; we must actively seek His intervention and trust that He will provide for us in our time of need. Jesus’ willingness to go with Jairus also shows His compassion and readiness to meet us at our point of need, no matter how dire the circumstances may seem.

Actions to Take

  • Seek Jesus in Desperation: When you are faced with overwhelming situations, turn to Jesus with unwavering faith.

  • Demonstrate Humility: Approach God with a humble heart, acknowledging His power above your own abilities.

  • Active Faith: Don’t just believe in God’s power—act on it. Step out in faith, trusting that God can and will intervene.

  • Persevere in Prayer: Pray consistently and fervently, believing that God hears your pleas and will respond in His perfect timing.

  • Testify to God’s Power: Share your testimonies of faith and miracles to encourage others in their journey.

Journal Prompts

  • What are some desperate situations in my life where I need Jesus’ intervention?

  • How can I demonstrate humility and faith in my current circumstances?

  • When was a time I saw God answer my fervent prayers?

  • How can I actively seek Jesus in my daily life starting today?

  • Who could benefit from hearing my testimony of God’s power and faithfulness?


Dear Lord, I come before You with a heart full of hope and faith. Just as Jairus sought Your miraculous intervention for his daughter, I lay my desperate situations at Your feet. Help me to approach You with a humble heart, believing in Your power to heal and restore. Strengthen my faith, Lord, and guide my actions so that I may live out my trust in You daily. May my life be a testimony of Your incredible love and power. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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  • "Humble yourself before the Lord, and witness His miraculous power unfold in your life. #TrustInGod #MiracleMoments"

  • "Active faith is more than just belief—it’s taking steps toward Jesus, even when the path is uncertain. #StepOfFaith #BelieveAndAct"

  • "Pray fervently and trust in God’s perfect timing. He hears our cries and is ready to respond. #PrayerWarrior #GodListens"

  • "Share your story of God’s faithfulness to inspire and encourage others on their journey. #TestifyToHisGoodness #FaithfulGod"


The story of Jairus and his daughter teaches us about the miraculous power of faith and the compassion of Jesus. As we reflect on this narrative, let’s remember to approach life’s challenges with humble hearts and active faith. Seek Jesus earnestly and believe that He can transform any situation, no matter how dire it may seem.

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The Daughter of Jairus – Matthew 9:18

Sure, let’s create a Q&A based on Matthew 9:18, which mentions the story of Jairus’ daughter:

Q1: What is the significance of Jairus in the context of Matthew 9:18?

A1: Jairus is described as a synagogue leader who comes to Jesus with a plea to heal his dying daughter. His position as a synagogue leader adds to the significance because it indicates that even respected Jewish religious leaders recognized Jesus’ divine power and sought His help.

Q2: What does Jairus do to demonstrate his faith in Jesus in Matthew 9:18?

A2: Jairus demonstrates his faith by approaching Jesus, kneeling before Him, and expressing his belief that if Jesus lays His hand on his daughter, she would live. This act of humility and faith signifies his recognition of Jesus’ authority and power over life and death.

Q3: What is the specific request made by Jairus to Jesus in Matthew 9:18?

A3: Jairus specifically requests Jesus to come and lay His hand on his daughter, who had just died, believing that this act would bring her back to life.

Q4: How does Matthew 9:18 relate to the broader theme of faith in the Gospel of Matthew?

A4: Matthew 9:18 exemplifies the broader theme of faith in the Gospel of Matthew. It shows that faith in Jesus’ divine power can lead to miraculous outcomes, and it supports the idea that Jesus is the source of life and healing.

Q5: What can we learn about the nature of Jesus’ ministry from this verse?

A5: From this verse, we learn that Jesus’ ministry was accessible to all who had faith, regardless of their social status. It also emphasizes that Jesus responded with compassion and was willing to perform miracles to restore life and health.

Q6: How does the story of Jairus’ daughter develop in the subsequent verses?

A6: In the subsequent verses (Matthew 9:23-26), Jesus follows Jairus to his house. Upon arrival, Jesus sees the mourners and tells them that the girl is not dead but asleep. Despite their disbelief, Jesus takes her by the hand, and she rises. This confirms His power over death and further demonstrates the importance of faith in Him.

This Q&A highlights the central aspects of Matthew 9:18 and its significance within the broader context of the Gospel.

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