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Welcome, dear friends, to a refreshing, enriching journey through God’s Word! Are you ready to dive deep and discover the powerful truths that lie within the pages of the Bible? Today’s focus is on a short yet profoundly impactful verse that can transform the way we see faith and righteousness. Whether you’re seeking to strengthen your faith, find encouragement in your daily walk, or gain a deeper understanding of God’s promises, you’re in the right place.

In this study, we will explore Genesis 15:6—a verse that highlights Abram’s (later known as Abraham) unwavering belief in God. Through this inspiring scripture, we’ll unearth timeless truths and practical actions we can apply to our own lives. Let’s open our hearts and minds to what God has in store for us today!

Bible Verse

"Abram believed the LORD, and He credited it to him as righteousness." — Genesis 15:6 (NIV)


Genesis 15:6 is a cornerstone of faith in the Bible. It tells us that Abram’s belief in God was so profound that it was counted to him as righteousness. This was a turning point in the biblical narrative, emphasizing that righteousness before God is not earned through works, but through faith.

Abram had no tangible proof of God’s promises; he had only God’s word. Yet, his faith was steadfast. This speaks volumes about the nature of true faith—it’s about trusting God’s word even when circumstances seem uncertain. Abram’s unwavering belief in God’s promises demonstrates that faith isn’t about having all the answers, but about trusting the One who does.

Moreover, this verse sets the stage for the New Testament teachings where the Apostle Paul echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that we are justified by faith and not by works. Faith is the key to our relationship with God, a truth that has its roots deeply planted in Genesis.

Actions to Take

  1. Focus on Promises: Dedicate a few minutes each day to read and meditate on God’s promises in the Bible.

  2. Cultivate Trust: Practice trusting God in small daily decisions to build your faith gradually.

  3. Faith Journaling: Write down instances where you’ve seen God’s faithfulness in your life as a testimony to His promises.

  4. Community Share: Share a story of faith with a friend or church group to encourage others.

  5. Pray with Belief: When you pray, do so with the belief that God hears you and will fulfill His promises.

Journal Prompts

  1. What are some promises of God that I need to trust in more deeply?

  2. How has God shown His faithfulness to me in the past?

  3. What does righteousness through faith mean to me personally?

  4. Are there areas in my life where I struggle to trust God? What are they?

  5. How can I remind myself daily to cultivate a stronger faith?


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the example of Abram’s unwavering faith. Help me to trust in Your promises wholeheartedly, even when circumstances seem uncertain. Strengthen my faith so that it can be credited to me as righteousness. Guide me by Your Word, and help me to rest in the assurance of Your faithfulness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Genesis 15:6 is a powerful reminder that true righteousness comes through faith. Abram’s ability to trust in God’s promises without requiring proof showcases the essence of a faith-filled life. We are called to emulate this profound trust, leaning on God’s Word and promises through every season of life.

We encourage you to continue exploring the depths of the Bible with us here at Let’s grow in faith together, supporting and uplifting one another in our spiritual journeys. Remember, every step taken in faith brings us closer to God’s heart. Until next time, keep believing and trusting in His promises!

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Q&A about Genesis 15:6

Sure, here is a Q&A based on Genesis 15:6:

Question: What is the key theme highlighted in Genesis 15:6?

Answer: The key theme in Genesis 15:6 is faith and righteousness. The verse mentions that Abram (later named Abraham) believed in the Lord, and because of his faith, God accounted it to him as righteousness.

Question: What does the term "righteousness" mean in the context of Genesis 15:6?

Answer: In the context of Genesis 15:6, "righteousness" refers to being in right standing or having moral integrity before God. It signifies divine approval and the establishment of a proper relationship with God based on faith.

Question: How does Genesis 15:6 define the relationship between faith and righteousness?

Answer: Genesis 15:6 defines the relationship between faith and righteousness by illustrating that righteousness is attributed by God on the basis of faith. Abram’s belief in God’s promises was credited to him as righteousness, showing that faith is the means by which one attains righteousness before God.

Question: What is the significance of Abram’s faith in the broader narrative of the Bible?

Answer: Abram’s faith is significant in the broader biblical narrative as it sets a precedent for the importance of faith in establishing a relationship with God. This verse is often referenced in the New Testament (e.g., Romans 4:3, Galatians 3:6) to emphasize the doctrine of justification by faith, underscoring that faith, rather than works, is the basis for righteousness.

Question: How is Genesis 15:6 viewed in Christian theology?

Answer: In Christian theology, Genesis 15:6 is foundational for the concept of justification by faith. It is frequently cited by the Apostle Paul to argue that believers are justified by faith apart from works of the law. This underscores the belief that trust in God’s promises, epitomized by Abram’s faith, is the means to be deemed righteous before God.

Question: What was Abram believed in that was counted to him as righteousness according to Genesis 15:6?

Answer: Abram believed in God’s promise that he would have numerous descendants despite his old age and his wife Sarai’s barrenness. This trust in God’s specific promise is what was counted to him as righteousness.

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