What Jesus teaches about Prayer


In our bustling lives, it’s easy to overlook the power and importance of prayer. But imagine being in constant communication with the Creator of the universe. How amazing would that be? Jesus emphasized prayer as a cornerstone of our relationship with God. Whether you are new to prayer or have been praying for years, there’s always more to learn and experience. Let’s dive into what Jesus teaches about prayer and how it can transform your life!

When life gets tough and our worries mount, prayer can be our anchor. It’s in those silent moments with God that we find strength, direction, and peace. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, demonstrated how vital prayer is, providing us with examples and teachings that inspire and guide us. So, are you ready to deepen your prayer life and experience God’s presence like never before?

Bible Verse

Matthew 6:6 (NIV) – “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”


In this verse, Jesus teaches us the importance of sincere and private prayer. Unlike the hypocrites who prayed loudly in public for attention, Jesus encourages us to seek solitude and communicate with God in a personal way. This intimate conversation with God allows us to share our hearts, seek His will, and experience His presence without distractions.

Jesus is showing us that prayer isn’t about grand gestures or public acknowledgment. It’s about a genuine connection with God. When we pray in solitude, we can be free from pretense and truly open ourselves to God. This secret place becomes a sanctuary where we can find solace, clarity, and reward that only our Heavenly Father can give.

Jesus himself frequently withdrew to solitary places to pray. This practice not only nourished His spirit but also set a profound example for us. Through private prayer, we can align our lives with God’s purpose, find guidance, and recharge our spiritual batteries.

Actions to Take

– Set aside a specific time each day for private prayer to create consistency in your spiritual life.

– Create a dedicated prayer space where you can retreat for uninterrupted time with God.

– Keep a prayer journal to document your prayer requests, answers, and how you see God moving in your life.

– Pray with authenticity. Be honest with God about your feelings, fears, and hopes.

– Incorporate scripture into your prayer to align your heart and mind with God’s Word.

Journal Prompts

– What does my current prayer life look like, and how can I improve it?

– When was the last time I felt deeply connected with God during prayer? Describe that experience.

– What distractions hinder my private prayer time, and how can I remove them?

– How do I feel after spending time in prayer? Reflect on the peace or clarity you receive.

– What specific prayers has God answered in my life recently, and how can I express my gratitude?


Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You in humility and gratitude. Thank You for the gift of prayer and the opportunity to communicate with You intimately. Teach me to seek You in the quiet moments and to pour out my heart with honesty. Help me to create a sacred space where I can draw closer to You each day. I trust that You see and hear me, and I am grateful for Your loving presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Our journey with Jesus and His teachings on prayer invite us into a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God. By setting aside time for private prayer, we open our hearts to His guidance, peace, and love. Remember, it’s not about eloquent words but about sincere and authentic connection. As you incorporate these practices into your life, expect to see remarkable changes in your spiritual journey.

Thank you for joining this short Bible study with us at BGodInspired.com. We hope you are encouraged to continue exploring and growing in your prayer life. Stay connected, stay inspired, and always seek God’s presence in every moment.

God bless you!

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