What Jesus teaches about The Sabbath


Are you finding it challenging to balance the busyness of life and make time for rest? In a world that never seems to stop, Jesus offers us a life-changing perspective on the Sabbath – a day of rest, renewal, and deeper connection with God. Discover the joy and peace that come with observing the Sabbath as Jesus taught. This devotional will guide you to understand, appreciate, and implement the beauty of the Sabbath in your life.

When we align our lives with Jesus’ teachings about the Sabbath, we unlock a special blessing of rest that rejuvenates our minds, bodies, and spirits. Let’s dive into this truth and uncover how honoring the Sabbath can transform our relationship with God and enrich our daily lives. Get ready to be inspired and uplifted!

Bible Verse

"Then he said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.’" – Mark 2:27-28


Jesus’ teaching about the Sabbath, as seen in Mark 2:27-28, highlights that the Sabbath is a gift designed for our benefit. Unlike the rigid and burdensome rules imposed by religious leaders, Jesus emphasizes that the Sabbath was created to provide rest and refreshment for us. It’s a divine invitation to step away from our daily grind and enjoy a holy pause that reconnects us with God and our loved ones.

The Pharisees had turned the Sabbath into a list of dos and don’ts, missing the point of its grace-filled intention. Jesus, however, positioned the Sabbath as a day to do good, heal, and relieve burdens – it’s a day to restore what’s broken and revive our spirits. Through His lordship over the Sabbath, He grants us the freedom to experience it as a time of blessing rather than obligation.

Jesus’ words remind us that we are not slaves to the Sabbath; instead, the Sabbath serves us by providing a structured time for rest, worship, and reflection. Embracing this gift revitalizes our faith and fosters a deeper love for our Creator, making us more in tune with His presence throughout the week.

Actions to Take

  • Set aside a specific day each week to rest and focus on God.
  • Use the Sabbath as an opportunity to disconnect from work and digital distractions.
  • Engage in activities that nurture your soul, such as prayer, worship, or spending quality time with loved ones.
  • Reflect on the past week and spend time journaling about your spiritual journey.
  • Serve others through acts of kindness or volunteer activities, echoing Jesus’ teachings on doing good.

Journal Prompts

  • What are the activities or distractions that prevent me from observing the Sabbath?
  • How can I create a restful and holy atmosphere in my home on the Sabbath?
  • In what ways has taking intentional rest benefited my spiritual life in the past?
  • How did Jesus’ perspective on the Sabbath change my understanding of rest?
  • What specific actions can I take to honor the Sabbath and make it a day of delight?


Dear Jesus, thank You for teaching us the true purpose of the Sabbath. Help me to embrace this day as a gift of rest and renewal. Open my heart to experience the joy and peace that come from setting aside time to focus on You. Guide my steps to use the Sabbath for worship, reflection, and acts of love. Help me to disconnect from the busyness of life and reconnect with Your presence. Amen.

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By following Jesus’ teachings about the Sabbath, we uncover the profound joy and renewal that comes from dedicating a specific time for rest and spiritual focus. The Sabbath is more than just a day off; it’s an opportunity to deepen our relationship with God, recharge our spirits, and be a blessing to others.

Thank you for joining us in this short devotional. We encourage you to apply these insights and continue exploring the beauty of the Sabbath with us at BGodInspired.com. Let’s journey together towards a life of faith-filled rest and spiritual growth!

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