What Jesus teaches about Forgiveness


Forgiveness is one of the most transformative and freeing gifts we can give ourselves and others. Yet, it can be one of the hardest actions to take. Jesus’ teachings on forgiveness illuminate the path to healing and restoration. Imagine a life unburdened by grudges or bitterness, where your heart is light, and your spirit soars. This devotional aims to guide you through the wisdom and peace that come with embracing forgiveness, as taught by Jesus.

Place your worries aside and open your heart. Welcome the serenity and grace that come from understanding and practicing forgiveness. When we forgive, we reflect God’s love and compassion—shining His light into our lives and the lives of others. Let’s delve into the powerful lesson Jesus shared about forgiveness and see how it can transform our hearts and relationships.

Bible Verse

Matthew 6:14-15 (NIV): "For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."


This powerful verse from Matthew highlights the reciprocal nature of forgiveness. Jesus teaches us that forgiveness is not merely an option but a necessity for our spiritual well-being. Our willingness to forgive others directly impacts our relationship with God. By forgiving, we mirror God’s grace, allowing His love and mercy to flow through us.

Forgiveness is an act of obedience and faith. It requires us to trust that God’s judgment and timing are perfect and that holding onto resentment only hinders our spiritual growth. When we let go of anger and extend forgiveness, we create space for God’s peace to dwell within us.

It’s also important to understand that forgiveness does not mean excusing or condoning harmful behavior. Instead, it means releasing the burden of hurt and letting God’s justice take over. Forgiveness heals our hearts, sets us free from the past, and aligns us with God’s will.

Actions to Take

  • Reflect on your heart: Identify any grudges or unresolved bitterness and pray for the strength to release them.

  • Seek reconciliation: If possible, make amends with those who have hurt you or whom you have hurt.

  • Pray for those who wrong you: Ask God to bless them and soften their hearts.

  • Journal your feelings: Document your journey toward forgiveness to gain clarity and insight.

  • Engage in acts of kindness: Shift your focus from past hurts to positive actions that uplift others.

Journal Prompts

  • What are some situations in my life where I’ve found it hard to forgive? How did these situations impact me?

  • How do I feel when I think about forgiving someone who has wronged me?

  • What are some steps I can take to move toward forgiveness?

  • How has God’s forgiveness touched my life?

  • What are the benefits I’ve experienced through acts of forgiveness in the past?


Heavenly Father, I come before You with a humble heart, seeking Your guidance and strength. Help me to forgive those who have wronged me, just as You have forgiven me. Remove any bitterness or resentment from my heart, and fill me with Your peace and love. Grant me the courage to seek reconciliation and the wisdom to trust in Your perfect justice. Thank You for Your boundless mercy and grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Forgiveness is a divine gift that Jesus offers us freely and encourages us to extend to others. When practiced, it releases us from the chains of anger and resentment, allowing us to live with a heart full of love and peace. Embracing forgiveness not only heals our hearts but strengthens our relationship with God.

We encourage you to continue your journey of faith and forgiveness with us at BGodInspired.com. Remember, you are never alone in this journey—God’s love and forgiveness are always available to you. Shine brightly by forgiving others and experience the boundless peace it brings.

Thank you for allowing us to join you on this path to spiritual growth and renewal. Keep your heart open and trust in God’s perfect plan.

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