What Jesus teaches about Compassion


Imagine a world filled with compassion—a world where instead of turning a blind eye to those in need, people offer a helping hand, a listening ear, or even just a warm smile. Compassion has the power to transform lives, bring hope to the hopeless, and shine light into the darkest corners. Jesus, during His time on earth, exemplified compassion in its truest form. He didn’t simply preach about it; He lived it every single day. As followers of Christ, we are called to do the same. Let’s dive into His teachings and understand the heart of compassion.

Are you ready to unveil the transformative power of compassion? Imagine if we all embraced the compassion Jesus taught. Wouldn’t our families, communities, and world look vastly different? Closer and more caring? Let’s delve into what Jesus teaches us about compassion and how we can apply these lessons in our daily lives.

Bible Verse

"But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd." — Matthew 9:36 (NKJV)


In Matthew 9:36, we see Jesus’ heart for the people. He doesn’t just see a crowd; He sees their struggles, their pain, and their brokenness. This is a powerful image of divine empathy. Jesus recognized their helplessness and was deeply moved by their condition. His compassion wasn’t just a fleeting emotion; it was the catalyst for action.

Jesus’ compassion led Him to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and preach hope to the weary. His actions were a direct reflection of His inner yearning to provide solace and relief. In a world often marked by indifference and self-interest, Jesus’ example stands as a beacon for us. True compassion moves beyond feelings and dives into tangible acts of kindness and service.

By embracing compassion, we align ourselves more closely with the heart of Christ. It challenges us to look beyond our own needs and extend grace to others, making our faith active and alive.

Actions to Take

  • Listen Actively: Make an effort to truly listen to those around you. Sometimes, all someone needs is to be heard.

  • Perform Random Acts of Kindness: Whether it’s buying coffee for a stranger or leaving an encouraging note, little acts of kindness can make a big difference.

  • Volunteer Your Time: Give back to your community by volunteering at local shelters, food banks, or church ministries.

  • Pray for Others: Include others in your prayers, focusing on their needs and asking God to intervene in their lives.

  • Offer Help: If you see someone struggling, offer to help. Whether it’s carrying groceries or offering a ride, small gestures of help demonstrate great compassion.

Journal Prompts

  • Recall a time when someone showed you compassion. How did it make you feel?

  • How can you incorporate more compassionate acts into your daily routine?

  • What barriers prevent you from acting compassionately, and how can you overcome them?

  • Reflect on Jesus’ compassion in the Bible. How can you emulate His example?

  • Write about a time you showed compassion. How did it impact the other person and yourself?


Dear Jesus, thank You for the countless ways You have shown compassion to me. Open my eyes and heart to the needs around me. Help me to be Your hands and feet, offering love and kindness in every situation. Fill me with a heart that mirrors Yours, so I may reflect Your love to all I meet. Guide me in seeing opportunities to serve and respond with genuine care. In Your name, Amen.

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Compassion is more than a feeling; it’s a call to action deeply rooted in the teachings and example of Jesus. By adopting a compassionate heart, we can transform not only our lives but also the lives of those around us. Your journey doesn’t have to stop here. Continue exploring the heart of Christ and other inspiring devotions at BGodInspired.com. Together, let’s move towards a world filled with the kind of compassion that only Jesus can teach.

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