Prayer about Environmental Stewardship


Prayer has the power to uplift our spirits, align our intentions with God’s will, and strengthen our resolve. Through prayer, we create a personal connection with God, inviting His wisdom and guidance into our daily lives. Not only does prayer provide comfort and peace, but it also empowers us to be agents of positive change in the world. Today, let’s channel that divine energy toward the noble cause of environmental stewardship.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You with a grateful heart, acknowledging the wondrous beauty and intricate harmony of Your creation. Your hand has meticulously crafted every leaf, river, and mountain, filling our world with breathtaking splendor. I thank You for the abundance of resources that sustain us and for the natural wonders that fill our hearts with joy and awe.

Lord, I pray for the wisdom and strength to take up the mantle of environmental stewardship. Guide me in making choices that honor and protect the earth You so lovingly created. Help me to be mindful of my actions and their impact on the environment.

Father, grant me the courage to speak out for policies and practices that seek to preserve Your creation. Fill me with the determination to reduce waste, conserve resources, and cherish the beauty of the natural world. I ask for Your guidance in leading by example, inspiring others to take care of our shared home.

In moments of discouragement and doubt, remind me that my efforts are a sacred duty and a form of worship. Enlighten me with innovative ideas to protect and rejuvenate the environment. Bless my endeavors with success, and let every action I take reflect Your love and majesty.

Thank You, Lord, for being with us on this journey, empowering us to be faithful stewards of Your creation. Let our collective efforts magnify Your glory and ensure that future generations can also delight in the wonders of Your handiwork.



Through our prayer and actions, we deeply honor God’s creation, bringing us closer to Him and enriching our lives with purpose. Environmental stewardship is not just a responsibility but also a privilege that allows us to reflect God’s love and creativity.

Thank you for joining us in this important mission. For more uplifting prayers and insights, continue your short Bible study with us at Together, let’s remain committed to nurturing our spirits and our world, guided by divine wisdom and love.

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Journal Prompts about Environmental Stewardship

Certainly! Here are eight journal prompts that intertwine environmental stewardship with biblical teachings:

  1. Genesis and Creation Care:
    Reflect on Genesis 1:26-28 where humans are given dominion over the earth. How can we exercise this dominion in a way that respects and cares for God’s creation? Document ways you can incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life.

  2. Sabbath and the Land:
    Leviticus 25:2-4 talks about letting the land have a Sabbath rest. What does this teach us about the importance of rest and renewal for the earth? Consider how you might advocate for or implement ‘rest periods’ for natural resources in your community.

  3. The Earth is the Lord’s:
    Psalm 24:1 states, "The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it." Reflect on how recognizing the earth as God’s creation changes your perspective on environmental responsibility. How does this influence your personal or community actions toward the environment?

  4. Jesus and Nature:
    Jesus often used nature in His parables and teachings. Read Matthew 6:26-29, where Jesus talks about birds and lilies. How does this passage inspire you to appreciate and care for the natural world around you?

  5. The Good Samaritan and Environmental Justice:
    In the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), compassion and care for others are highlighted. How can environmental stewardship be an act of loving your neighbor, especially when considering those most affected by environmental degradation?

  6. Noah’s Ark and Biodiversity:
    Reflect on the story of Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6-9). How does Noah’s care for each species on the ark inspire modern efforts to preserve biodiversity? Write about steps you can take to support wildlife conservation in your area.

  7. Prophets and Stewardship:
    Reflect on Ezekiel 34:18-19 where the prophet criticizes those who pollute the land and water. How do these prophetic warnings speak to today’s environmental challenges? What actions could you take to address modern “pollution” in your environment?

  8. Revelation and Renewal:
    Revelation 21:1 speaks of a new heaven and a new earth. How does the vision of a renewed creation inspire you to take part in environmental restoration now? What projects or habits could you start to contribute to this vision of renewal?

These prompts can help link your environmental actions with your faith, providing both spiritual and practical guidance on how to be stewards of God’s creation.

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