Devotional about Taoism

Taoism and Biblical Principles

Taoism and Biblical Principles

Understanding the Tao

Taoism teaches that there is a natural order to the universe, known as the Tao. This concept aligns with the biblical principle that God created and sustains all things in perfect order.

Embracing Simplicity

Taoism encourages simplicity and humility, reminding us to be content with what we have. This echoes the biblical principle of being content in all circumstances and focusing on the eternal rather than the temporary.

Living in Harmony

Taoism emphasizes living in harmony with the natural world and with others. Similarly, the Bible teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to be good stewards of creation.

Embracing the Unknown

Taoism encourages embracing the unknown and trusting in the flow of life. In the same way, the Bible calls us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding.

Journal Prompts

  1. How can I incorporate simplicity and humility into my daily life?
  2. What areas of my life can I surrender to the unknown and trust in God’s plan?
  3. How can I better harmonize with the natural world and the people around me?


Dear God, help me to align my life with your perfect order and to embrace simplicity, humility, and harmony. Give me the strength to trust in your plan and to surrender the unknown to you. Amen.

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“Trusting in the unknown can be daunting, but with God’s guidance, we can find peace in the midst of uncertainty. #Taoism #FaithInGod”

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Q&A about Taoism

Q: What is Taoism and what does it teach?
A: Taoism is a philosophical and religious tradition that originated in ancient China. It teaches the concept of Tao, or “The Way,” which emphasizes living in harmony with the natural world and finding balance and peace within oneself.

Q: What are some key principles of Taoism?
A: Some key principles of Taoism include the belief in the natural order of the universe, the importance of living in harmony with nature, the practice of simplicity and humility, and the concept of Wu Wei, or non-action.

Q: How does Taoism view the concept of “The Way” or Tao?
A: Taoism views the concept of “The Way” as an underlying force that governs the universe and guides all things towards their natural state. It is seen as the source of harmony and balance, and individuals are encouraged to align their lives with this natural order.

Q: What role do practices such as meditation and qigong play in Taoism?
A: Practices such as meditation and qigong are used in Taoism to cultivate inner stillness, cultivate life force or “qi,” and align with the flow of Tao. These practices are considered essential for achieving harmony and balance in life.

Q: How does Taoism view the role of government and society?
A: Taoism emphasizes the idea of non-interference and the belief that society and the government should operate in a natural and harmonious way, without excessive control or manipulation. It advocates for a more simple and balanced way of living.

Q: What are some important texts in Taoism?
A: The Tao Te Ching, written by Laozi, is one of the most important texts in Taoism. It discusses the principles of Tao and provides guidance on living a harmonious life. Other important texts include the Zhuangzi and the Taoist Canon.

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