Explore Your Bible Knowledge with This Fun and Engaging Quiz!

Are you ready to test your Bible knowledge and learn something new? Whether you’re a seasoned Bible reader or just starting your journey, this quiz is perfect for youth like you who are eager to dive deeper into the biblical narrative, characters, and teachings. Grab a pen and paper or simply take a mental note of your answers as you go along. Let’s get started!

Bible Quiz Questions: How Well Do You Know Your Scriptures?

Question 1: Who Built the Ark?

Who was the faithful servant of God who built an ark to save his family and two of every kind of animal from the Great Flood?

Question 2: The Birthplace of Jesus

In which town was Jesus born?

Question 3: David and Goliath

What was the name of the giant whom young David defeated with a sling and a stone?

Question 4: The First Book of the Bible

What is the first book of the Bible?

Question 5: The Ten Commandments

Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?

Question 6: Queen Esther’s Act of Bravery

Who was the brave queen who risked her life to save her people from a plot to destroy them?

Question 7: The Beatitudes

In which book of the Bible can we find the Beatitudes?

Question 8: Jonah and the Fish

How many days did Jonah spend in the belly of a great fish?

Question 9: Paul’s Journey to Damascus

On what road was Paul traveling when he encountered a vision of Jesus?

Question 10: Jesus’ First Miracle

What was Jesus’ first miracle, performed at a wedding in Cana?

Quiz Answers: How Did You Do?

Answer 1: Who Built the Ark?

Noah built the ark.

Answer 2: The Birthplace of Jesus

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Answer 3: David and Goliath

David defeated Goliath.

Answer 4: The First Book of the Bible

The first book of the Bible is Genesis.

Answer 5: The Ten Commandments

Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

Answer 6: Queen Esther’s Act of Bravery

Queen Esther saved her people by exposing Haman’s plot.

Answer 7: The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes are found in the book of Matthew.

Answer 8: Jonah and the Fish

Jonah spent three days in the belly of a great fish.

Answer 9: Paul’s Journey to Damascus

Paul was traveling on the road to Damascus.

Answer 10: Jesus’ First Miracle

Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana.

Ready to Learn More About the Bible?

Congratulations on completing the quiz! We hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge and perhaps even discovering new insights about the Bible. Learning about the Bible can be a fun and enlightening experience, and there’s always more to explore and understand.

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Keep studying, keep questioning, and keep growing in your faith and understanding. Happy quizzing!

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