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Have you ever found yourself pondering the rich stories and profound teachings of the Bible but unsure where to start? Maybe you’ve always wanted to test your knowledge of biblical narratives, characters, and themes, or perhaps you’re simply looking to spark a fun conversation at your next gathering. No matter your reason, our Bible quiz is designed just for you—presented with a blend of educational value and pure entertainment!

Test Your Knowledge: Engage with the Bible Like Never Before

Whether you’re a seasoned Bible reader or a curious newcomer, these questions are crafted to challenge and excite you. Without further ado, here are 10 Bible quiz questions that range from the well-known to the intriguingly obscure. Grab a pen and some paper, and let’s see how well you know your Bible!

Bible Quiz Questions:

  1. What is the first book of the Bible?

  1. Who built the ark to survive the Great Flood?

  1. In which book does Moses receive the Ten Commandments?

  1. Which book is known for its poetic wisdom and begins with "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge"?

  1. Who was swallowed by a great fish or whale for three days and three nights?

  1. What is the shortest book in the New Testament?

  1. In which book do you find the story of David and Goliath?

  1. Which gospel contains the Sermon on the Mount?

  1. Who is known for his incredible strength but was ultimately betrayed by Delilah?

  1. What is the last book of the Bible that deals with the end times and the final judgment?

Answers: Compare Your Responses and Learn More

Ready to see how well you did? Check your answers below and gain new insights into each of these captivating biblical stories!

Bible Quiz Answers:

  1. Genesis

    The very first book of the Bible, Genesis, lays the foundation for themes and stories found throughout the scriptures.

  2. Noah

    Noah is the righteous man chosen by God to build an ark and save his family and two of every kind of animal from the flood.

  3. Exodus

    In Exodus, Moses receives the Ten Commandments atop Mount Sinai.

  4. Proverbs

    Proverbs is a book filled with wise sayings and begins with the importance of fearing the Lord.

  5. Jonah

    Jonah’s disobedience leads him into the belly of a great fish until he repents.

  6. 2 John

    With only one chapter, 2 John is the shortest book in the New Testament.

  7. 1 Samuel

    David’s epic battle with Goliath is detailed in 1 Samuel.

  8. Matthew

    The Sermon on the Mount, featuring the Beatitudes, is found in the Gospel of Matthew.

  9. Samson

    Known for his unparallel strength, Samson’s story is one of triumphs and trials, culminating in his betrayal by Delilah.

  10. Revelation

    Revelation offers a prophetic vision of the end times and the final judgment.

Celebrate Your Knowledge and Keep Exploring!

How did you do? Whether you’ve aced it or found new areas to study, remember that each question and answer you engage with brings you closer to the heart of the Bible’s teachings.

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