Celebrate Christmas with Our Engaging Bible Quiz!


Ah, Christmas! A time of joyous celebration, love, and reflection. The season brings family together, fills homes with warmth, and lets us delve into the remarkable story of the birth of Jesus Christ. But how well do you know the biblical account of Christmas? Get ready to challenge your knowledge and learn something new with our engaging Christmas Bible Quiz! Whether you’re a Bible scholar or a curious learner, this quiz is designed to be both fun and informative.

Christmas Bible Quiz Questions

The Nativity Story

  1. In which town was Jesus born?

  2. Who was Jesus’ mother?

  3. Who visited Jesus on the night of his birth?

  4. Where did Mary and Joseph lay baby Jesus after he was born?

The Great Announcement

  1. Which angel appeared to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus?

  2. To whom did the angel first announce the birth of Jesus?

  3. What kind of sign did the angel give the shepherds to find baby Jesus?

Visitors from the East

  1. What gifts did the Wise Men bring to Jesus?

  2. How did the Wise Men find their way to Jesus?

  3. In which Gospel can you find the story of the Wise Men?

Delving Deeper: The Answers

Before you check the answers, take a moment to think about each question. Whether you’re a seasoned reader of the Scriptures or someone new to these stories, pondering these questions can bring a deeper understanding and awareness of the biblical Christmas narrative.

Christmas Bible Quiz Answers

The Nativity Story

  1. Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

  2. Jesus’ mother was Mary.

  3. The shepherds visited Jesus on the night of his birth.

  4. Mary and Joseph laid baby Jesus in a manger.

The Great Announcement

  1. The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus.

  2. The angel first announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.

  3. The sign given to the shepherds was that they would find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.

Visitors from the East

  1. The Wise Men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

  2. The Wise Men found their way to Jesus by following a star.

  3. The story of the Wise Men can be found in the Gospel of Matthew.


We hope you enjoyed this Christmas Bible Quiz! It’s always a delight to revisit the beautiful story of Jesus’ birth, especially during the festive season. Let’s keep the spirit of Christmas alive by sharing this quiz with your friends and family!

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Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your loved ones!

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