Discover Your Biblical Knowledge: Engaging Books of the Bible Quiz

Have you ever wondered how much you know about the Bible? Maybe you’ve spent hours reading its divine wisdom, or perhaps you’re just getting started. Either way, this Bible quiz is designed to both challenge and enlighten you. Let’s dip our toes into the rich waters of the Scriptures and see how much biblical wisdom you’ve soaked up. Ready to test yourself? Let’s dive in!

1. Which Book Marks the Beginning of the World?

Can you name the first book of the Bible that begins with the creation of the world and introduces us to Adam and Eve?

2. Where in the Bible is the Exodus Story Found?

Which book recounts the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery?

3. Who Wrote the Psalms?

Many beautiful and lyrical poems reside in the book of Psalms. Do you know which biblical figure wrote a majority of them?

4. Which Book Focuses on the Laws Given to Israel?

There’s a book in the Bible filled with rules and laws given to the Israelites. Which book is this?

5. What is the Longest Book in the Bible?

The Bible contains many long books. Which book holds the record for being the longest?

6. Which Book Tells the Story of Jesus’ Birth?

Christmas is celebrated around the world, but do you know which book of the New Testament details the birth of Jesus Christ?

7. Where Do the Beatitudes Appear?

The Beatitudes are a series of teachings by Jesus that begin with "Blessed are…". In which book of the New Testament can you find them?

8. Which Prophet Survived the Lion’s Den?

This prophet was thrown into a lion’s den but miraculously survived. In which prophetic book would you find this story?

9. Which Epistle is Known for Discussing Love?

Paul writes about love, famously stating that "Love is patient, love is kind…". Which of his epistles is this?

10. Where is the Vision of the End Times Found?

The Bible’s prophetic and apocalyptic visions of the end times are found in which book?

Answers to the Books of the Bible Quiz

How did you do? Ready to see if your answers match up? Here are the answers to our quiz questions:

  1. Genesis

  2. Exodus

  3. David

  4. Leviticus

  5. Psalms

  6. Matthew (also found in Luke)

  7. Matthew (Sermon on the Mount)

  8. Daniel

  9. 1 Corinthians (Chapter 13)

  10. Revelation

Test Your Knowledge Further!

How many did you get right? Whether you aced this quiz or found some challenging questions, there’s always more to learn and enjoy about the Bible. Imagine having access to countless quizzes like this, continually feeding your curiosity and deepening your understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

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Summary and Call to Action

The Bible is a treasure trove of wisdom, stories, and teachings that have shaped lives for centuries. Engaging with it can be both fun and illuminating. Share this quiz with your friends and family, and see who knows the most about the Bible! Or keep the learning going by exploring more quizzes tailored to deepen your biblical knowledge and understanding.

Have fun, stay curious, and keep exploring the divine wisdom found within the pages of the Bible. Visit the Bible Quiz GPT by BGodInspired today, and let your biblical journey continue in exciting new ways!

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